Loss of Senses of Taste and Smell Common Among COVID Patients



The COVID-19 flu has been one of those rare phenomena that grab the world’s attention, uniting the focus of billions of people onto a single concern.

COVID-19 is supposedly old news, something that has been in the air for so long that we tend to shove it to a lower spot on the list of the problems that concern us most. But the flu is still here, having morphed into a dozen or more variants. Moreover, its latest iteration, Omicron, has shown surprising strength compared to the progressively weaker and weaker COVID-19 viruses that have shown up in the wake of COVID-19.

People with diabetes who already have to deal with a serious health concern need to pay close attention to COVID-19. Especially if you have experienced high blood sugars and high blood pressure, in that case, you must stay vigilant because COVID-19 can inflame tissues and pose respiratory problems.

This issue of Diabetes Health focuses on dealing with COVID-19 from the point of view of diabetes patients. Which OTC medications are good to take to relieve COVID-19 symptoms? What are viral descendants
of COVID-19 out in the world right now? How do you prepare for the upcoming flu season?

We start with “COVID-19 Can Lead to Loss of Smell and Taste” on page 8. One of the symptoms that manifest after a person is infected with COVID-19 is losing the ability to taste and smell. The two senses are intertwined, so the loss of one often leads to the loss of the other.

On page 12, we discuss the worrisome COVID-19 variants that have appeared as COVID-19 mutates. Most of them have been mild, but the Omicron variant is causing concern because of its unexpected strength.
“Over-the-Counter Medications That Make You Feel Better,” on page 15, looks at nonprescription medications that can help lessen the symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever and pain.

Who knew that cholesterol medications, statins, can help protect against heart disease, which is a primary concern of people with diabetes? “Statins Can Significantly Protect Against Heart Disease” on page 15 tells why.

Flu season is an annual event, usually starting in the fall. “Getting Ready for the Flu Season” on page 21 offers some helpful suggestions.

This issue’s “Recipes from the Sugar Happy Kitchen,” starting on page 26, offers vegan spaghetti and zucchini menu. I wish everybody who reads this safety from
COVID-19 and confidence going into flu season.

Nadia Al-Samarrie, Founder, Publisher,
Nadia Al-Samarrie


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