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There are no known cures for diabetes. Nor is it reversible. You don’t get diabetes from eating too much sugar. But one thing is undeniable: Diabetes complications may be preventable through education. The more you know, the better off you are.

One great chapter in that education is “Sugar Happy,” the semi-autobiographical account of Diabetes Health publisher Nadia Al-Samarrie’s close, personal, and compelling experiences dealing with her family’s diabetes from her childhood on.

Nadia, who has shared her insights over the years in print and online columns, in podcasts and video productions, is an internationally recognized diabetes patient advocate. Sugar Happy’s nine chapters cover all the topics that concern readers who experience high blood sugars; From understanding diabetes to overcoming the fears, it can produce to offering workable, proven, concrete steps for reducing and controlling blood sugars, “Sugar Happy” offers clear, plainly written insights and advice.

What Do Healthcare Professionals Say About Sugar Happy?

“This is a wonderful diabetes guide written by the editor/publisher of the highly- regarded Diabetes Health periodical. It is an easy-to-read paperback, especially for those recently diagnosed or those who wish to improve their current diabetes management. It benefits from the author’s substantial experience with diabetes in her family. The comprehensive approach offers many tools to help – both devices and personal tips, plus moral support.”

—Gary Arsham MD Ph.D. FACP

“This book gives the reader a personal perspective on not only living with diabetes but also caring for someone with this disease. It is presented in a simple, easy to understand format that offers the emotional issues that both families and those with diabetes deal with daily. Kudos to Nadia for providing this information that is useful to both professionals and nonprofessionals alike.”

—Dr. Kathleen Palyo DNP BC-ADM

I must commend the depth of knowledge Nadia has been able to put in writing and the simplicity of it all. As a doctor, myself, I have learned and relearned a great deal and I have no doubt that this would be a useful book to persons living with diabetes and their family. Actually, I find that there are principles touched that relates to many more chronic illnesses as well. The order of the content was equally greatly done.

– – Dr. Kelia General Practitioner (GP)


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