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Some people get a kick out of pointing out that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. But there’s a

measure that may be just as important: If you tote up the time, in our lifetimes we spend the equivalent of 4.4 years eating. Obviously if you spend that much time at something that is really a life-or-death activity, it has to be very important. And for people with diabetes it is even more important.

That’s why we’ve dedicated this issue of Diabetes Health to diets and recipes that help people with diabetes both enjoy what they’re eating while safeguarding or even building up their immune systems.

In “12 Super Foods That Support Your Immune System” on page 14, I describe and list the importance of certain vitamins and minerals in helping sustain a robust immune system. This has become especially important in the wake of COVID19, which can compromise the immune system in people with diabetes by spiking their blood sugar levels.

On page 17, be sure to check out “Important Vitamins and Minerals Recommended for Staying Healthy,” which lists dietary supplements that researchers have found are vital to the building and maintenance of a healthy, robust immune system in people with diabetes.

Contributing editor Patrick Totty lists what diets are currently available to both people with diabetes and non-diabetics in “Current Popular Diets” on page 10. Believe it or not, there are almost 40 different diets in the marketplace right now! It’s hard for anybody to choose from among such an extensive list, but one of the bedrock rules we all know to follow these days is cut down on the carbs! Patrick also describes the history of diets aimed at treating diabetes in “A Capsule History of Diabetes Diets” on page 6. A surprise: Such diets go back 3,500 years, to the time of the pharaohs and the rise of ancient Asian Indian doctors. While ancient people lacked our technology, they certainly were just as smart as us and used those brains to figure out some highly complex matters.

Perhaps best of all this issue are 11 recipes that I’ve personally tested for carbohydrate content, preparation and ease, and taste. They start on page 20 “Recipes from TheSugar Happy Kitchen.” Maybe my favorite among them (and I know this is just my taste at work) is fish tacos, which I prepare often for my family. If you would like to keep seeing our diabetes friendly recipes- go to diabeteshealth.com and sign up for our newsletter. We will email you our latest recipes.

Bon appétit!

Nadia Al-Samarrie, Founder, Publisher,



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