Nutritional Protein The Often Overlooked Meal Ingredient



Most current discussions about what diet(s) people with Diabetes should follow center on carbohydrates.

But unless you follow an Atkins or other diet that frowns on any but a low, low consumption of carbs, protein is the other substantial ingredient in a healthy diet that often gets overlooked.

Now that we know the overconsumption of carbohydrates—which were supposed to protect us against heart disease—are a main factor in the occurrence of obesity and heart disease, we should be taking a good look at the bene ts (and drawbacks) of protein in our diets.

So we’re dedicating this issue of Diabetes Health to a three-part look at how protein, or its lack can affect our health.

In our cover story on page 7, fifty percent of “Adults with Diabetes Don’t Get Enough Protein,” the Diabetes Health sta reports that too little protein in the diabetic diet can lead to various health problems, ranging from
bad breath and digestive problems to loss of appetite. So, how much protein

If too little protein is harmful, how about consuming too much? In “What Happens if You Eat Too Much Protein?” on page 16, we
list the various adverse outcomes that can result from too much of a good thing.

Our final look at protein is to o er a look at “Plant-Based Proteins” on page 18. A recurring topic of discussion has been whether people who follow vegetarian or vegan diets can get enough protein in the absence of meat, poultry, sh, dairy, and other esh-based foods.

In “Recipes from the Sugar Happy Kitchen,” which starts on page 22, we o er four tempting and easy-to-make recipes. What we like about them is that they cover the span of dietary preferences, from low-carb, meat-free meals to
a delightful recipe for low-carb chicken.

Burrito Bowl on page 22, a variation on traditional burrito bowls are a meal that both vegans and meat lovers can enjoy.

Blueberry Muffins on page 25, leaving out the cane sugar and using almond flower produces smaller but incredibly tasty muffins that quickly become breakfast favorites.

Tender Scallop Asian Bowl, page 27, offers an Asian air is both filling and low-carb. The cauliflower rice replaces the white rice, making this is more suitable for maintaining happy blood sugar levels.

Keto Spicy Moroccan Lemon Chicken Bowl on page 29, Based on a Moroccan recipe that
uses common household spices in intriguing combinations, this version produces a spicy dish. Drink something cold with it!

Bonne dégustation!
Nadia Al-Samarrie, Founder, Publisher,


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