Holiday Recipe Guide With Gluten Free and Vegan Options



Tasty Traditional—and Not So Traditional—Holiday Recipes

Because of COVID, the past 20 months have not been kind to the holidays when families traditionally gather to celebrate the season. But as the number of vaccinated people climbs, many of us are now fearlessly reconnecting to our loved ones face to face. So, this is especially a time when we can give thanks for what we have, and indulge our families and friends with traditional meals that remind us of the ones we feasted on as children.

In this special Low-Carb Holiday Recipe magazine, we bring you some easy-to-make traditional dishes (and some not so traditional) that you can prepare for warm and festive holiday meals. The recipes are excerpted from the “Sugar Happy Kitchen.” (Input The Sugar Happy Kitchen in your browser to reach our online site.)

Each recipe also includes a glycemic index and glycemic load number. The index will tell you how fast a recipe’s main ingredients can be converted to blood sugar, while the load number lets you know how the addition of other ingredients may slow down the speed of how fast your body can convert the main ingredient(s) into blood sugar.

Also, we’re including our low-glycemic ingredients from this issue that you can use for these recipes and throughout the year for all your baking needs. The glycemic chart is on page 28.

If you find yourself lacking some of the ingredients we list in the recipes, input in your browser to access suppliers of the product you’re looking for.

Many of the recipes we offer here are gluten-free.

Turkey: The turkey is the unquestioned main course at Thanksgiving (Christmas too for some families) for most people. There are probably a thousand recipes for cooking the perfect bird—cook it on high heat? Cook it slow and low? Put the bird in brine before roasting? Grill it? Our turkey recipe is on page 8.

Vegan Turkey: This is the most recent addition to the Thanksgiving menu, created by growing consumer demand for vegetable-based turkey substitutes. The aim here is to duplicate the texture and taste of turkey without having to cause its demise. The recipe for this is on page 22.

Happy Holidays!


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