Can dancing improve your health and outlook in life.



People of all regions and religions look upon the holiday feast as one of the
central parts of a life lived well. At tables surrounded by family, relatives, friends,
and new acquaintances, we experience a special waiver from the care and concerns of ordinary days.

That’s an idyllic picture, but for people with diabetes, there are some precautions to take when getting ready to eat their way through of winter’s collection of great holiday meals. We offer some time-tested suggestions for how to enjoy this special season while keeping weight and blood sugars in

But before we plunge into the topic of holiday food and diets, our cover story on
page 21, “Can Dancing Improve Your Health and Outlook on Life?” points out that even people who have never danced or who think they lack the coordination to dance well can get around these mental barriers in
several pleasant ways.

“Tips on How to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays,” on page 6, addresses a worry that troubles both people with diabetes and people without. Fortunately, there are proven ways to do it without sacrificing the enjoyment of good food that the holidays offer. Fortunately, much of the advice given to people with diabetes involve steps and practices they already know how to do, thanks to their need to manage their condition.

For advice on what constitutes healthy eating, “Healthy Holiday Nutritional Tips
for People with Diabetes,” on page 11, reads almost like a primer because it offers
clear and simple steps for navigating your way among the food temptations you’ll
encounter in the holiday season. Connected to how and what to eat or not to eat is how you prevent yourself from falling asleep on the couch after a heavy holiday meal.

“Planning Activities That Don’t Involve Eating,” on page 16, offers numerous ways to avoid having your system become overwhelmed by the sweet and rich foods of the holiday season.

Then there’s my favorite part of this issue. I have worked to develop tasty, low-carb, easy to prepare recipes for people with diabetes. Looking for the next great recipe is one of my favorite tasks. In this issue, I’m publishing two recipes from my book, “The Sugar Happy Kitchen,” which includes turkey pot pie and pumpkin muffins. Nobody will ever have to twist my arms to make me
create and test new recipes!’

A toast to holiday joy!

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